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"There you are… Thanks for joining me here… I've got an interesting website to tell you about… I'll take a little peek inside and tell you all of the juicy details… Hold on tight to me… Oh… I suppose you can hold on there… Your hands do feel good…

Ilayhu is a talented 3D artist that enjoys shrinking guys. In these erotic comics you'll get a good feel for what it's like when a young man finds himself the size of an ant. Take Tommy's case… In 'Classroom Doom', Tommy is a lab tech for a lady professor and she likes stealing secrets from the military. One particular secret was a shrinking ray. Tommy gets to be her first test subject but he manages to escape from the laboratory. Running loose in the school, the young man is naked and hungry. Alone in the classroom, Tommy spots a piece of candy on the floor next to the teacher's desk that he sees as food. Desperate, he starts running toward the piece of candy but it's a lot further away when you're so very small. Just as he reaches the candy, the door opens to let the professor who'd shrunk him into the room. Frightened, Tommy decides to hide under the desk. He can see the lady is angry and fears she might hurt him for escaping. This is reinforced when she steps down on the piece of candy squishing it. Now what's going to happen to Tommy? I'm not going to tell you as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

There are other stories in this site that are going to entertain you. Carla decides she wants to test a formula out on her boyfriend. Once he's shrunk then her fun really begins. These stories are all illustrated using 3D artwork that's sure to hold your attention and entice you to want more. It's time for me to go… I enjoyed taking this little look into Ilayhu's world of tiny men and gorgeous women with you… I hope I'll see you again… Bye for now…"


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